Monday, July 8, 2013


In May, I took trip up to Santa Cruz to meet up with my friend Susie and go see Devendra Banhart perform at the Rio Theatre.

Before the show started, we were able to explore some places that I had never been to like the Santa Cruz boardwalk, went into Streetlight Records which is quickly becoming a favorite already from the few times I've been there, and eating some yummy Thai food.

The Rio Theatre isn't too far from the downtown area and is lovely and unique in its own way. The anticipation for the show to begin in itself was so exciting, and it proved to be full of wonderful surprises. 

Rodrigo Amarante opened up the show with a very sweet and pure set, which included the song 'Evaporar' which was breathtaking to hear live. Next was Devendra's set and being a The Strokes fan, it was so exciting to see Fabrizio Moretti was on the drums! His most recent album, Mala, is so wonderfully crafted with many layers that I was interested to see how it was going to be performed live, but I wasn't disappointed because it sounded even better in a live setting. The set was wonderful and full of Devendra's charming presence: he spoke in between songs with such serenity and his dancing is almost like he's simultaneously wiggling and floating. Basically, the entire show was incredible.