Friday, January 30, 2015


In an effort to try to wear things that I don't wear as often / try out new clothing combinations, I ended up looking like a school girl... Which is actually accurate since I have to go to school later this afternoon. YAY MATH. That was sarcasm. But I'm hoping I put out more of a badass vibe.. Kind of like a, "I get really good grades but have a problem with authority" kind of vibe.. That sounds accurate, actually. Ha! 

Seriously though, I love anything that's plaid and this is no exception. And the skirt toughens it up because of its dark color and faux leather material. 

I snapped these photos in the early morning where it had drizzled the night before and slowly into the early day. Overcast mornings are my absolute favorite!

Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This little project came about from having nothing to do on a Sunday, spending time with my sister and wanting to utilize some flowers that were given to me. I'd say it was a hit, dontcha think?

I wanted to do a sweet little Up-style on my sister's hair, so I came up with this! She actually has rather short hair that's just at collarbone length, so it's proof that girls with short hair can still wear their hair up! Then I raided her closet (something I tend to do a little too often, Oops!) and snapped some photos in and around her home. I had so much fun putting this all together and hope to do more of this more often.

It's a little bit of wedding inspiration that I wanted to put together for the upcoming wedding season. Enjoy! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015


July 11. 2014
Bill Graham Civic Center, SAN FRANCISCO
New Order was basically a two hour dance party and I am more than okay with that. I've never danced so freely and intensely where I'm sure that the people next to and surrounding me were thoroughly pissed off. Whatever. It's fucking New Order!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an experience that I will be able to tell my unborn children and grandchildren... And let me tell you... that is a ridiculously good feeling. 

The light show was incredible, that even with just my phone, I was able to capture really nice photos. Each member executed their parts so well and it sounds lame to say, but it gives me hope that I can still be cool when I'm older (am I cool now?). 

I'm normally not a huge fan of bands filling the majority of their set with new songs, but they so effortlessly weaved them into their show. Even though I didn't know the words to the new tunes, they were danceable and really enjoyable. Now, let's get to the good stuff: so many good songs were played but then 'Blue Monday' came on with the bone-chilling bass line and i died. Then 'Your Silent Face' also blessed my eardrums. And I died. 

They were so fantastic that there was not one but TWO encores in which at one point they played 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' and an artsy visual of the late Ian Curtis was projected. It says a lot about them as a band that they showed respect to a lost member and homage to how they originated and where they came from. 

I usually leave a show really excited about what I had just witnessed, but this one was different. The only way I can explain it is with the word euphoria. It was like, I could be broke from all the traveling to shows I had done so far (which I was) and would have to return to a shitty job (which I did) but I really didn't care because for the past hour and a half I was having the time of my life, witnessed legends perform before my very eyes, and was incredibly happy. THAT is a testament of why I do this, people. 


I'm obsessed with these vintage trousers. There. I said it. 

They have the most amazing piping-style detail down the front and back.. It's so simple, and you might miss it at first glance if you don't pay close attention.. but it's those subtle details that make me love the way clothes used to be made to last. They're high waisted and in the most amazing green color. Ugh, swoon. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


April 20, 2014
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz
I found about DIIV through first discovering Beach Fossils, who is one of my favorite bands. I haven't had the chance to see them yet, but seeing DIIV perform was equally as exciting to me. I don't know if it's because I'm so used to seeing these California 'surf rock' bands, but there's something about them that's really mesmerizing. Definitely a 'New York cool' vibe. And I mean that in the best way possible. The show itself was dark and moody, and Cole seemed to effortlessly float around in his baggy clothing. The highlight for me, was the ten minute long Druun (Pt.II) which quite frankly, I didn't want to end. Also, Sky Ferreira surprised us all and came out to sing a song with them! 

Then this happened: (exclamation marks in full effect!!!!!)

"Can we take one where we're both playing with our hair?"
"Okay. You lok one way, I'll look the other way."