Saturday, March 23, 2013


A couple of days ago I saw the Black Lips play in a small and intimate venue in Santa Barbara. They definitely lived up to the hype that surrounds them having some of the best energy, charisma, and talent. I'm proud to say I was a part of their debauchery and witnessed Cole vomit. At one point he even left the stage, went into the crowd, and made his way out the door to the outside patio while still playing his guitar! Can you say Rock 'n Roll?!!!

I was lucky enough to be able to meet, take pictures, and have a poster signed by all of them and I must say that they are such incredibly nice and genuine people; thanking me for coming out to see them, asking my name, and saying only good things about the opening act - Night Beats (which are RAD!). It's always nice to see a band who's been doing this for so long be so down-to-earth and willing to meet their fans. 

From the beginning of the show while I was in the crowd getting pushed around, singing the lyrics at the top of my lungs, and dancing wildly to the music, I had a feeling that this show would get added to the top of my "most incredible shows" list.

...I was right. 

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