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SANTA CRUZ - The Catalyst
Dec 12. 2013

Dec 13. 2013

Dec 14. 2013

Three nights in a row of seeing The Growlers perform live. Call me crazy. I call me awesome.

I understand this makes me seem like the groupiest of groupies (it's a running joke with my family) but honestly, it's just a strong love for music. The Growlers have such a strong presence live that is always a fun time to be around. Out of the old favorites they played like Empty Bones and Acid Rain, I would say the stars of the show were Hashima and Wandering Eyes (the longer Wilcox Session version that can be seen in one of their videos). SO GOOD. 

It had been almost a year since I had seen them last and they seem so much more well versed in the art of entertainment and by that I mean you can tell they know what they're doing. Those boys know how to work a crowd. And that was evident by all the dancing that was happening in the pit. You just can't help but wiggle and flail your arms everywhere when the twangs and croons fill your eardrums and your entire body. I dare you to try to stand still.

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