Tuesday, July 29, 2014


March 14. 2014
SLO Brew
It's nice to get out of my punk / grunge show scene every once in a while and refresh with some different tunes. Cleanse the palette, if you will..

Nick Waterhouse was the perfect distraction. Not only is he nice to look at, but the boy (and the rest of the band) can put on a flawless sold out show. From the guitar, saxophone, keyboards and stunning backup vocals, everything was perfect. It's amazing to see an artist pull together such a wide fanbase: from older generations to younger kids. All I know is that there wasn't a single soul that wasn't entertained. 

The set list included Indian Love Call, Say I Wanna Know, Holly, and many others. At least that's what the videos I have saved on my phone allow me to recall. I blame the slight memory loss on the alcohol ;)

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